Photo by WWW.ASHLEYHORNER.CO in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor.
5.20 miles of super muddy trails with @k9s_bones.raven - we crushed it. Lots on the mind. Running is a weird state that I enjoy, i wrestled with the thoughts of taking a shorter route but ended up pushing through the climbs. Especially since I don’t listen to music or anything that takes my mind off what it feels and thinks. I love the rawness of my emotions. I embrace where my mind takes me. Today’s run was tough. It was humid, by the time I finished my fasted run, it was almost 1300. At the end of it, I was glad I stuck to the route. The week ahead is a good one. Challenges, training and adjustments. Working through all of them is my priority. #AshleyHorner #Ashletes #womenOfIron
I love you 💕
Keep pushing. I get the same feeling from long rucks
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Girl, you just go and go. Super inspirational!!
Stay strong! You’re a true inspiration. 🔥🔥🔥
Thank you for the support and for your constant motivation!
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Do you always hit weights before running? Does it impact my training terribly if I run a couple miles then do my strength? I've heard ppl say that now I'm tripped up 😂
Thanks for addressing the mental state you can get in without music. I found that I need the music, my mind would go to bad places and it was frustrating
Where did you get that sports bra?👍💙 I want to get one 😍
Blue lives matter flag? 😂 Well now we understand why she has attack dogs. Unfollowed, I like my fitspo from people who aren’t racists
Thin blue line. 🙌
Look phenomenal
I need this sports bra!! Where do I buy?!!
Am always starring at your earrings. So random. Always topaz? Personally lift to clear the brain.. but if I had dogs would probably run too