Photo by WWW.ASHLEYHORNER.CO in Virginia Beach, Virginia with @charlottefoerschlerphoto, and @steadymd. Image may contain: 1 person, standing.
That face you make when your doctor asks you, "How often do you work out?” It can be tough to find a doc who understands the lifestyle of an athlete. I’m a pretty healthy individual, but talking to a doctor about proper nutrition and supplementation and even try to explain I’m about to run 40 hours is interesting. The doctors at steady MD understand athletes. What i love most about steady MD is that I can simply talk to them about concerns or even recommendations that co-inside with my lifestyle.
#Ad This is just another reason why I choose @steadymd for my personal healthcare. My doctor understands the lifestyle of an athlete & knows all about things like performance, supplementation, nutrition, & recovery. To see who your perfect doctor match would be, take the free @steadymd quiz at the link in my bio! #SteadyMD #Partner #LoveTheseGuys #AshleyHorner

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