Photo by WWW.ASHLEYHORNER.CO in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Image may contain: one or more people, sunglasses and outdoor.
5.5 miles complete! #HornerTraining complete. My body is feeling it today. I’d rather feel worked and tired than lazy any day. “Work harder” I tell myself as I’m pumping my legs through the trails; climbing, turning leveling out and coming down. It’s the beautiful path, but you have to open your eyes to see it. No music. No headphones just me with myself and my two dogs, @k9s_bones.raven sandwiching me like an Oreo. #AshleyHorner

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Phones are distracting, love running around our three mile trail, nature and lake views are great. Enjoy
Ya know...I saw this woman named Ashley H...years ago. Something about her stuck with me...not just the fact that she could do pull-ups with a 45 chained on her. She was focused and fierce! I'm so glad that's never realty changed...it's only gotten stronger !!
Just because it's possible..
Passed you on the trail today and you were crushing it!! 👊🏼💪🏼Gave me some extra pep for a little bit!
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Your tattoo on the right side does it say unbroken with the red ink ?
everytime i see your punisher tattoo i have to comment
This has become a staple pose.
What do you average per mile when you run 5 miles or more?
Bravo! 💪 👍
What a killer look🖤🌹🔥😍
“punishe” belongs to the middle finger, or am I wrong ?
You look like a modern day Sarah Conner.
Looking Stun😍