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Photo by Pamela Reif in Positano. Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor.
planning the next week: which workout do you want to have next? 📺🤓 6min Brutal Abs (still have that from the Maldives early this year), 10min Full Body (Maldives, on the ground, nothing standing) or 10min Abs (Positano View)? 🤯 Tell me in the comments ♥️♥️♥️ #decisions
Expensive❤️😍🔥 girl
Very nice 👌
Okey woooow 😍🔥
All please
@fx_manager_katherine Thanks madam for your great techniques and unique platform, you're the queen of cryptocurrency,i will forever remain grateful for your good work. @fx_manager_katherine
10 min abs Positano view!
@pamela_rf du wollen mich heiraten. Wenn nicht auch nicht schlimm. Dann muss ich dich holen. Du bist mein babywatch. @danka.d666 @arthur.albg @cedricjk @alexey8_
Hit us up. Dm us
So schön 😍
Fire of love.your eyes are spring and the rain of the blessings of the gaze.your smile is summer.your existence is life and your beauty is the season of happiness.On my lonely nights, your face is the moon, your eyes are the Milky Way, your smile is the rain of stars, your presence is heaven and your eyes are heaven bridge.I built my heart with high walls,my Beloved. and in my heart there is a rose garden for you. in the middle of my heart is flowing from the river of heaven and The enjoyment of love is subtracted.
Please do a hip dip workout!
Super schönes Bildchen!!☺️💛
Woah 😍