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Here is my favorite combo of COMPLETE abdominal workouts!

⚪️Flutter kicks— make sure your back is FLAT to the ground with flutter and scissor kicks. A flat back and tucked pelvis causes the abs to fire instead of compensating with your lower back muscles!
⚪️Scissor kicks— both scissor, flutter kicks, and the hollow body hold will help strengthen the abs and hip flexors, as well as some secondary muscles used, like the glutes and quads. These are great for an athlete looking to strengthen the stabilization muscles used in almost EVERY movement.
⚪️Push up planks— I like to throw in a movement that targets multiple body parts like this one so the abs aren’t the only working part, to give them a liiillllll break, then hit them again harder afterwards. This movement targets your chest, triceps, shoulders, and engages your core, glutes, and lats.
⚪️Seated in and outs— these are especially difficult if you don’t use your hands for stability. I think this movement has helped me soo much with my hip flexor strength too!
⚪️Hollow body hold— I personally think every kind of athlete should master this movement. The inability to do this really helps show you where you’re weak or lacking strength.

On an intense ab day, I would do each of these movements for 3 sets, and rep/hold until failure, and include a 2/3 minute rest between each set. I also would recommend practicing the hollow body in 30 second increments— 30 second hold, 30 seconds rest— until failure.

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If you want to stop time do a few reps of hollow body hold
Been trying to work every day on bettering myself. Was looking for good core workouts when this popped up. This is kicking the crap out of me lol. Thanks for the tips
@sibbisunshine something for us to attempt? 😂😂😂
Do you work our every day or like every other day?
I have worked out everyday for 3 years and thought this would be easy as hell and ma ass got crushed 😂
Any recommendations for someone with a bad hip? Abs are killer for me and I can’t do a lot of popular ab workouts with my hip
The 4th one killed me
Damn Alice, ya hip def don’t be ly’n
How often do you train your abs?
Love doing ab workouts , all@about it
Love love love your workout set! 😍 Where from??
Do you consider this for beginners
Another start! whats your weekly goal?
You are very attractive💓💓💓
Solid workouts used to do them often they definitely work. Been shredded she got her workouts on lock
Cute ❤️❤️❤️