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UNFORTUNATELY I see no lies here !!! 😓
White ppl are not God & it doesn't mean that a person is better off cause they're white 😏
I see every lie
All I see are excuses on the right side obstacle.
"WE" are the "FIRST" and "SHALL "BE" the "LAST" 👑✌🙏 (period) 🍫
So I wonder how are they black women or women of color get treated then
Smh. They act like they dont know
So much the truth in American life for us
You’ll still beat him @realbriamyles 💪🏾
Real shit
Lool yeah right..
Hold up... land mines are first 😂
and still going to win, it just might take a lil longer.
2020 feminist made this
Currently so bullshit
Don't live your life like a victim 💪🏽 fight, fight, FIGHT for what you believe in. Be the change you want to see in this world.. Let others lay blame for their own shortcomings
Divide and conquer. Nice.
Ya kno
Divide and Conquer Mentality at it's Finest.
And she still won!! ❤️
NONE but hey, we’ll see him at the top!
Just more obstacles.
Oh. I like pictures form 19th century.