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Bijou Demi

Photo by Bijou Demi on December 04, 2019. Image may contain: people smiling, one or more people and closeup.
real narcissistic blond hours
Love blonde on you
A beautiful one 😍🍷
Many of us have long suspected you were blonde this entire time!!!
So after all these years of dying your hair blue you decide to go green? 🤣
I dig it
You look sooo good
You look amazing!
You deserve to love yourself! Everyone else's love should come second!
Are you keeping it this color? It looks good just curious
I enjoy your narcissistic tendencies though 😍😂
your hair looks fantastic just like you :)
I love it!!! 🙌🙌
Love the hair
Looks amazing 🔥🙂🌹
I love the look stay beautiful hun
You are just so beautiful
amazing as blondie :)
You really look like Lindsay Lohan.