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Photo shared by Bijou Demi on December 03, 2019 tagging @tonimenconihair. Image may contain: one or more people and closeup.
my mermaid hair appointment took an unexpected turn 😳🙈
Oh my 💕
Wow Bijou your amazing
Oh my gurd
Totally different but I’m diggin it Bij!!!!! Still a pretty lady in my book
U look soo beautiful, Bijou
Is that hair to go FURTHER BEYOND?????!!!!!
Wow you look great
Blondejou Demi
New hair looks amazing Bijou🔥
It looks great!!!!!!😻😻😻
You look awesome
You look great
@bijoudemi looks great! Liked the green hair as well cuz green suited you.
Woah! Now this IS a surprise! You look fantastic! 😍😁
I love it
😯 Looks good though
So much beautiful in one place, unfair! 😊😍
OMG no more mermaid hair 🙁 But that is still okay cause this can still work in your favor and already enjoying the blonde color. Gives you more light and fresh 😊 Now you can have blonde moments haha. Jk you are a wonderful, beautiful woman Bij 💛💛💛💛💛
The blonde 😍 im trying a new color too! Yay for new hair colors!
You look stunning 😍🔥