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Bijou Demi

Photo by Bijou Demi on November 17, 2019. Image may contain: one or more people and closeup.
been anxious about posting again but i gotta stay true to my tittystreamer brand
Beautiful Bijou ;) :)
Nice photo
Gorgeous 🔥🙂🌹
And I'm for one is truly grateful for the posts. 😍
🔥🔥 still cute doe
Still best Merbabe on Twitch. Never stop smiling Bijou ^_^
Is Red Dead done installing?
U look beautiful 🔥
your beautiful
True. Your much more then tits bijou your an awesome person too
🔥😍 use em if u got em thats my motto lmao jk
Some people are jealous that you have them. Dont let these haters change what you do
😂 hope all is well
Is that a filter for your eyes? Or are they just that sparkly?
I am speechless. 👌
Sweet jesus... 😍
Put those nasty floppy saggy pancake titties away! I know you think your hot but your not! Garbage twitch streamer