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Emma James

Photo by Emma James in Little Chalfont.
I’m back @facebook although I’ve had to sign in again twice after the latest data breach
Pleased to say this time I didn’t have to show my passport in order to prove my identity to get back on 😳 and all this for a thumbnail / picture which showed no nudity
A 30-day ban levied with no access to DMs and the request for a review predictably upheld
There was nudity, granted IF YOU CLICKED the link and followed the URL
Ever get the feeling you’re being watched!! #bigbrother
I have been back on #socksoff to say hello but I’m definitely focusing my efforts on @twitter now after the recent debacle
I scrupulously try to adhere to their variable and erratic sanctions and despite my best efforts get caught out occasionally with increasing severity of sanctions
The post in question @british_naturism post announcing the appointment of their Volunteer Cooordinator. Hardly contentious!! As customers, we create the content, that drives the traffic, that runs the business
I’ll be posting most of my content elsewhere
I run a #business too and my time is best spent assigned to #bodypositive posts on #twitter and largely #business on #facebook
Even after 30 days, a large number of notifications, friend requests and DMs because I’m so active online but it will take me a while to address them. If you have been in touch, apologies, I network across multiple platforms and @facebook is just one in a sea of them 👍
Picture by #piktex
Facebook is appallingly awful to the humble naturist. IG is no better to be honest but these are the popular ones so unfortunately have to be tolerated sometimes. Fingers crossed you can find a platform that doesn't want to ban you whenever you choose to post.